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Using the new Semper Paratus method you will be better prepared for an EMP, no matter when it happens!
Threats from North Korea. Two months ago we had the largest solar flare hit the earth knocking out communication systems everywhere (and it was barely reported), the chances of an EMP or solar event shutting down our fragile grid grows by the day

Look, it’s no secret the electrical grid of the US is outdated and unprotected. It’s been this way for more than 20 years. It takes next to nothing to put a community out of power for a few days (or weeks/ months - just ask the residents of Florida and Houston)

If an enemy of ours really wanted to do some serious damage, setting off an EMP in our atmosphere would do it. Yes, of course, there would be repercussions. But what could the US do as far as retaliation if not only the grid is down, but 90% of all lines of communication, and 95% of all electrical components are useless?

Imagine what your life would look like if the power went out for a week, a month, or a year. What about several years? If a wide scale attack on our grid happened, the US does not have the resources to repair something of this size in a short period of time. It would take years to get back on track. Look at what’s happening in Peurto Rico right now.

Simulations have been done to see what damage a large EMP would do, and estimates have 90% of the US population dying in the first year. That’s because none of us are prepared to survive in a world without electricity. We don’t have the skills, gear or knowledge to make it without power. 
We’ve uncovered a method of preparedness you can use to prepare for any survival event, and in this case we’ve applied this method to ensure our readiness for not only a grid down situation, but a wide spread EMP which could literally take us back to the pioneer days of no electricity, no electronic gadgets, no Google, and no long distance communication.

Using the Semper Paratus method of preparedness you will be prepared to not only survive an EMP event, but thrive. I don’t mean getting rich from a crisis. I mean while the world is falling apart around you, your world will be stable and intact. You will know exactly what to do before an EMP event, how the world will be reacting during the event, and what you should be doing after the event to ensure your life continues and you have what it takes to survive.

A major EMP event has never happened, but we all know the threat is real.
The effects from an EMP have been tested on a small scale, and the implications of these tests have always resulted in the electronics within range being made inoperable. Unlike Nuclear weapons, there is no monitoring of EMP devices and all of our state based enemies have them.

In a post grid world, we don’t need all the fancy gadgets we’re used to today. We do however need some basic electronics to make life a little easier. Communication, navigation, and electricity are among the top. If you use the Semper Paratus method you will be 100% prepared for such a world. You will have everything in place before an EMP event, know exactly what to do when the event is happening and what to do after the event.

While everyone else is in recovery mode, you will be in survival mode, putting things in place, setting things up so that your life will remain as normal as possible, minus a little Googling and YouTubing. You’ll have the means to get to where you need to be, power things up and continue to live out your life.

I know what you’re thinking. If an EMP has never happened why would you need to prepare for one? I live in Southwest Ohio, part of tornado alley, and guess what, never in my life has a tornado impacted the area where I live. But I know they exist, and I’ve seen the damage they can do, so tornado preparedness is part of my overall plan. Just because something’s never happened doesn’t mean it won’t, and in a world where technology is literally evolving faster then ever, it’s easy to see how a wide spread attack on our grid, or electronics is becoming more real by the day.
I also know that there are several lines of thought when it comes to the effects of an EMP. Several simulation models have been done to try and see what the effects of event like this would be. Not one simulation has been the same as another one. This tells me the “experts” have no idea what to expect if an EMP was detonated in our atmosphere. 

You know the old saying “better safe than sorry”, right? Sure we all do. That’s why I use the Semper Paratus method of preparedness to ensure my family is ready for an EMP regardless if one happens or not. Bottom line, if I’m prepared for an EMP and it never happens, I lose nothing, but if I’m not prepared and we get hit, I could lose everything.

My name is Scott Hughes, and I’m the founder of Freedom Prepper, Preparedness Weekly Magazine and Freedom Prepper News. I’ve been a prepper since I was a teenager and launched Freedom Prepper magazine in 2013 to help share my knowledge. My focus is to teach people to be better prepared. We’ve been invited to and covered several events across the country from local survival events to the NRA annual meetings year after year. 

At Freedom Prepper we continue to provide insight on how to prepare for disasters both natural and manmade, and when you implement the Semper Paratus method of preparedness to be ready for an EMP you can sleep easy, knowing if or when an EMP event happens, you don’t have to worry because you have taken the steps, checked off the boxes and stored the right gear to ensure your survival.
Today Freedom Prepper is bringing you Survival Notes Series One Volume One, the ultimate guide to EMP Preparedness. As you flip through each page of this made in the USA, water resistant guide, you will be taken through, step by step, the Semper Paratus method of being ready for an EMP event. 
Not only will you learn what to do prior to an event and where to avoid, you will also learn what to expect from those around you that aren’t prepared and how society will react during the event, lastly as you ensure everything is checked off, you’ll know what to do following an EMP event, how to not only survive but thrive while those around you scavenge for supplies and struggle to survive.

Using the Semper Paratus method you will be ready to survive an EMP, while those around you are playing catch up.

How confident are you in your preparedness plans? It’s been proven over and over again in history how unprepared Americans really are.

The main reason for this is how much we live in a world of abundance. Meaning most of us have all of our needs met, and then some.

However this year alone we have been hit with massive storms, floods, wildfires, and shootings that prove real fast just how unprepared we really are. Go to YouTube and watch videos that were taken at the point of impact, whether it be for the storms, the fires, or whatever disaster and watch how people react. 

Panic instantly ensues.

Have you found yourself scouring the internet for information and you go from website to website just to find there is a ton of conflicting and confusing information based on your search? 

This holds true for EMP preparedness information as well. 

Some sites can’t agree on what an EMP is, let alone how to properly prepare for one. 

Even the experts on YouTube have conflicting information. 

When you finally come across something that looks like a viable solution, you soon realize there is more information than you need. Too much information in some cases is a bad thing. You can bury yourself with information and spend hours trekking down a useless rabbit hole, just to realize those hours have been wasted because you don’t know anything more then you did when you started your search.

Lots of these EMP books include words which are confusing, lengthy and include information that has nothing to do with being prepared.  
I’ve been a prepper since I was 16, that’s over 20 years ago. To my knowledge, at least at the time, the term “prepper” didn't’ even exist. They probably just called us doomsday nuts, and left it at that.

I remember back then, before the times of being connected to the internet, we had to find alternative methods of having fun, and for the small group of kids around a little neighborhood, we trekked through the woods. 

Learning how to start fires, filter water, build forts in the trees, you know the typical stuff. My family is from Kentucky and my grandpa had a place right on the Ohio river. We learned so much about survival from our grandparents. How to navigate the forest, swim across the river, grow crops, take care of live stock and so much more. 

It didn’t take too many stories from grandpa to learn how quickly the world around you can fall to pieces, and you’re left to fend for yourself and those closest to you.

That got me into studying preparedness and survival skills. In the last few years, with the growing threat to our power grid, I really dove deep into grid down scenarios, focusing on an EMP attack. 

Learning that an EMP strike could put us back in the days of our founding in the blink of an eye, I started learning what I can do to protect my personal power grid, from the electricity in the house to all the components you will need while on the road.

Since launching Freedom Prepper in 2013 our motto has always been, Semper Paratus, which is latin for Always Ready. 

That has always been my approach to preparedness. If you prepare today, not just for tomorrow, and the weeks and months to come, but also for the disaster itself you will be ready for anything. 

To fully implement this method you need to have a plan of attack for your prepping goals. This means first educating yourself on each type of disaster to prep for. Then you need to know how to prepare for each disaster. Next is to go through your plan step by step, ensuring you cover every aspect of being ready for the particular disaster. 

Your plan has to be rock solid. Very little, if any room, for error. A slight error in your plans could be fatal. 

That’s why we developed Survival Notes. These water resistant survival guides give you the before, during and after steps for every disaster you can think of. Today we are launching the first of the series. It is our EMP Preparedness Guide. 

It took me a while to produce these guides. My first run through I realized it was like some other guides, too wordy, too lengthy and just didn't give you the necessary actions to move your preparedness needle forward, to help you be truly prepared for an EMP attack.

So I went back to the drawing board. Taking out any fluff, anything you couldn't use today, and replaced it with full on actionable information on what you need to do now, during and after an EMP to ensure your survival. 

We included checklists so you know you have all the necessary gear to be ready for a true, full on grid down situation, where all your exposed electrical gear will be useless.

You can either continue to stop and get a coffee every day this week, or brew it at home for a week and get this guide, with actionable checklists to help you survive an EMP event. 

What’s your survival worth to you? What about those closest to you? Is it worth skipping a few drive thru coffees?

Inside this guide you will find real-world tested advice.

They are water resistant, which means the pages can be reused as many times as you need to.

There are 4 checklists to cover the gear you need now, and what you need later to better your odds of survival. 

With our guide, you will have all the information you need to know what to do before, during and after an EMP event.

Our guides have no fluff, no fancy words or scientific terminology. You can use them in any weather condition. Take notes using the included grease pencil, fix and edit any mistakes you might have made. Go from cover to cover, and when you’ve finished, you will be fully prepared with the right equipment. 

You’ll also know exactly what to expect from those around you when the attack is happening, and what you should be doing, while everyone else is in panic mode. 

If you drop them in water, they won’t disintegrate. Take them out of the water, dry them off and continue taking notes and checking off the boxes. You can erase, revise and correct your notes and checklists. 

As you go through the guide, you can check each item off as you get it. Ensuring you have everything in order before an EMP shuts our grid and all of our electronics down for good, or at least for a very long time.

Most people around you will have no idea what’s happening or what to do. Inside our guide we show you what to expect from those around you, and how you should be reacting to their panic, and what to do following the attack.

These guides are super compact and durable. You can throw them in your bug out bag, and be confident that when you get them out they are still in usable condition, preserving any notes you might have added to them.

We also cover when it will be safe to start unpacking your gear and start surviving beyond the EMP attack. 

You will be completely confident you‘re ready for an EMP. You won’t have the worry of ruining your guide if it gets wet, and you can focus on protecting yourself and loved ones while others are paying a dear price for not taking preparations seriously.

Imagine having the confidence you are completely ready for an EMP strike, you have all the right gear, all the right supplies and the right mindset. 

Once you have completed each step in our guide you can relax because you have everything you need in order. You are truly prepared for survival. 

In the event of an EMP you can stay calm while everyone around you is in instant panic mode. 

What is your survival worth to you?

We already told you these guides are going to be less then a weeks worth of coffees at your local coffee shop.

Some people closest to us already have their hands on the EMP guide and have told us that we should charge no less than $20, but they’d be willing to pay double that.

We don’t want to charge $40 for a guide, even though it has all the information you need to prepare for an EMP, in addition to several blank notebook pages for you to add your own personal notes, just for you. 

When we release this to the public, to everyone, prepper or not, these guides are going to be $20 each. 

But for you, as part of the Freedom Prepper family, we wanted to do better. Whether you have been with us from the start, or just discovered us, we want to give you the best possible price we can for these guides. 

So as part of this prelaunch promotion and for being part of the family, we are offering these guides to you for $10, plus shipping. 

That’s 50% off what will be the public price, and 75% below what people said they’d pay for them. 

Click the orange button to secure your copy of Survival Notes Series One Volume One, the EMP Preparedness Guide, and notebook for just $10. 
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