A High Quality Survival Notebook is Essential to Ensuring You're Really Ready for a Disaster
--- Survival Notes Volume Two Blizzard Preparedness Guide is Now Available! ---
Dear Survivalist,
Let's face it...most notebooks are flimsy, made from standard paper that makes them weak, easy to tear, and disintegrate when wet.

They just don't last.

If you're the type of person that looks for quality and usefulness, I know you're going to like these. 

These survival notebooks were proudly designed, and manufactured in America. 

These will be your favorite "go to" notebooks when it's time to prepare or survive the next blizzard or snow storm.
We've applied the Semper Paratus method to blizzard preparedness to ensure you and your survival group will be better equipped to survive a blizzard.
-- Features --
  •  48 Pages: Actionable information from cover to cover.
  • Checklists: To ensure you have the gear, supplies and equipment to survive a blizzard.
  • Action Plans: Make sure you and your group know exactly what to do and the order to do it to better your odds of survival.
  •  Extra Space: Additional space for adding your own personal information, notes, tasks and supplies.
  •  Water Resistant: Our notebooks are made from water resistant material that you can use over and over without worry of bleeding ink on traditional paper.
  •  Made in the U.S.A.: Our survival notebooks are produced right here in the U.S.
Now shipping! You can order your copies of Survival Notes Volume Two today to secure your copies, and be better prepared for a blizzard.

These are on a limited run, as we only print so many copies before moving on to the next volume of Survival Notes. Secure your copies today. 
P.S. Don' t miss out on Volume Two, each volume has a limited run. We order very few extras, and just move on to the next volume. Click the button that best fits your needs, enter your info and we'll ship your survival notebook out right away.
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